Web hosting

We explained in the Website development context how we prepare envisioning websites for you to help you get differed from other while marketing your business. Along with developing or designing websites, we at Kfortune create web hosting that is creatively amazing, content relative and cheap that fits your budget. Interestingly web hosting plays a good role in digital marketing as with relevant and interesting content it can give you greater chance of sparking interaction with your leads.

If your website is slow, you tend to lose customers! Slow websites hurt customers a lot which in return hurts your business too. according to digital surveys, around 40% of visitors abandon sites that take 3 or more seconds to load. Loading with time, search engines penalise slow sites as well. Fortunately, our experts at Kfortune can optimize the images and content of your website so that it takes less than 3 seconds top open a webpage. In order to survive the current market, it is necessary to understand that Google ranks websites on loading time as well. So just imagine for an instance that, you have got all those necessary errorless contents and features in your websites that can rank you among the best on Google SERPS but still won’t get ranked due to unconvincing errors. These unconvincing and invisible errors are the loading speeds. Unfortunately, yes. You might not know when your site has gone to the next pages of SERPS which most of the visitors don’t even take effort to turn the page. Therefore, speed is essential in attaining top positions in both natural and paid search. Website speed has a great impact on SEO and therefore, influences your positioning. The faster it is, the better are your chances to reach a higher position on Google or any other search engine. Not only this, even these quick loading websites increase in conversions and PPC costs.

We provide an affordable registration on domain names that gets your customers easily captivating and appealing. Our aim is to make you stand out of the competition with a new row to lead. These unique strategies will get you conversions in higher rates with quality traffics to your websites or content pages generating a revenue that is higher in expectation.