Targeted Marketing

It is a common misconception most of the business deals with is trying to attract all form of customers and audiences. However, at Kfortune, we think that the audiences need not be attracted unnecessarily. Large audience doesn’t mean everyone is ready to support your brand or business. Only loyal customers do. Finding loyal customers for your business is the most intelligent strategy to make any business plan captivating. Having a large audience is good but it is always necessary to filter them and keep them stay who are obediently loyal. This way your business can lead a group of customers, followers and audience who are solely interested in you and are not going to get diverted later in future. Effectively, Kfortune has several rightful marketing tricks and approaches to identify audience’s behaviour and act according to their demands and needs.

Kfortune follows a strict string in target marketing. They are as follows:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Geographic location
  • Need
  • Occupation

The necessity to follow these strings is because every product promotion doesn’t follow similar strategies. Each one requires to adopt a more focussed approach. That is the reason KFortuners know how to treat client’s customers well. By recognising and understanding this part of marketing, targets are agreed to meet in a most effective way.  Promotional messages and advertisements are sent to those primary groups instead of mass marketing without regard to the specific characteristics of the audience. Messaging only those interested in your products can help in the prevention of spamming others. Spamming generally leads to un-subscription of channels, websites, product advertisements, etc., any form of cut off of the customers to the company. To avoid such unhealthy relationship, Kfortune focusses on trending marketing efforts and only to those specific groups who have been interested in the products similar to you, or those who have been using your services and products, and to those who are likely to chose you or give at least a try of you.

A targeted marketing plan starts with the identification of primary audience segments. After identifying a key audience, companies can deploy marketing efforts specifically at that audience. Potential marketing campaigns include promotional emails, mailed coupons, text messages, and online banner ads. Once the sales and marketing campaign launches to the targeted market segments, your company can follow the results of the campaign. Kfortune ultimately shall help you in monitoring the sales upon your product so that you can easily determine the success of the marketing campaign while applied upon your brand, business or company.