Lead Generation

The use of SEO, Social Media, and/ or advertising makes the brand attract customers and visitors on a daily basis so that they can easily get landed to your website where you sell your products. Basically, KFortune is good enough in technical developments so that creates a smooth path for your customers and get intact with the signing processes and contacting you at your website itself. This builds a trustful relationship with those for whom you care.

The frustrating interruptions regarding any of the product preferences, for either you purchased it or willing to purchase, it is a major matter of discussion in the lead generation. This marketing strategy is just not a tool or approach to take your business only upwards. This strategy is your personal business saviour and solution to save your business or organisation from being that annoying, disruptive ruining the good mood of any customer’s day. In short, do you want your customer to get annoyed with you? Kfortune is here to normalise every odd situation you suffer at your business perspectives.

Initially, companies or store owners would make a telephonic call to give a conversational survey upon the product you recently must have purchased. As a business or store owner you very well understand how important it is to take that survey, but it doesn’t matter the least to your consumer. What they worry about is the money and the product they have purchased. Often, they get annoyed with these company calls for spamming their personal life. To resolve these issues, Lead Generation took a shape in the new market and started to evolve periodically. The lead generation that you see today is far different from those initial days, and have become unique according to different organizations. Even at our organisation, we may seem to use the same strategies of lead generation as others, but it is actually not. Here, from a business perspective, we tend to collect all the important information from your customer about your company, brand and products, from a survey that isn’t telephonic but with a digital stature. This way your customers get personalized about the opening communication regarding their existing problems and not waste their time calling leads to those who aren’t event interested in concerning your brand.

Let’s check into some of the types of practical leads we at KFortuners follow:

  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)
  • Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)
  • Product Qualified Lead (PQL)
  • Service Qualified Lead